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19 Mar 2012
Updated BlueSoft SME package, Release 2.39
รองรับเลขประจำตัวผู้เสียภาษีอากรทั้ง 10 และ 13 หลัก
Parellel Support 10 and 13 digits
16 Mar 2012
Updated BlueSoft SME package, Release 2.38
รองรับเลขประจำตัวผู้เสียภาษีอากร 13 หลัก
Support Company VATID 13 digits
23 Aug 2010
Network Monitoring & Alarming System ชนะเลิศในการประกวดซอฟต์แวร์ดีเด่นแห่งชาติ Thailand ICT Awards (TICTA 2010)
03 Aug 2010
Network Monitoring & Alarming System เข้ารอบสุดท้ายงานประกวดซอฟต์แวร์ดีเด่นแห่งชาติ Thailand ICT Awards (TICTA 2010)
06 Nov 2006
Launch BlueSoft SME package, Release 2.10
01 Jan 2006
Official Web BlueSoft SME package, shop.bluebox-tech.com
27 Sep 2004
Launch BlueSoft SME package, Release 1.0
4 - 8 Aug 2004
Bangkok ICT Expo EventParticipated in Bangkok International ICT Expo at Impact Arena Muangtong Thani
23 Jul 2004
Software Fair EventParticipated in Software Fair at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center
30 Apr 2004
We have been chosen by Software Park Thailand to join their Incubator Center.

Affiliated with Software Park Thailand



We have experiences providing Enterprise Solution and Professional Service(Outsourcing) such as:

Mitsubishi Motors(Thailand) Co,Ltd.

  • Alarming and Monitoring System

Robert Bosch Limited.

  • PC Call Station for public address system
  • LogViewer with Time Attendance for access control system

Progress Software Co., Ltd.

  • Outsourcing for java programmer, system analyst, system architecture

Hewlett-Packard (Thailand) Ltd.

  • Outsourcing & Professional Services (Java Developer and System Analyst )

TEAM Precision PCL

  • Sales Forecast web-based Application (ASP.NET)
  • IQA Inspection web-based application (ASP.NET)

Kasikorn Bank

  • Outsourcing for an EAI Project(Java Developer)

King Mongkut Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

  • Lecturer Scheduling & Extra-Wages Management System

IT Square Company Limited

  • High Level Design for Sales Order Management in ERP

Service Point Center(Lotte Group)

  • After Sales Service Management System (VB + SQL Server)

Advanced Datanetwork Communication

  • Customer Network Management System

AHPADA Regional Secretariat

  • Develop website www.ahpada.com

Hutchison CAT Wireless Multimedia Limited.

  • Outsourcing for Java Web Application Project
  • Outsourcing VB.NET developer